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The work to restore the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times is now complete  This invaluable printed resource will be continuing to be available for historic research by the Society and members of the public for many years to come.
Access available by arrangement only To arrange access, please contact:
Please note that there is no copy service available on site so perhaps bring a camera. 

The Society remains indebted to the generous grant from the Bowland Trust without which this important conservation exercise would simply not have been possible.

Digital Copies

The Clitheroe Advertiser & Times editions from 1888 and run up to 1975 have been digitised.

The years  1896, 1908, 1917, 1918 and 1933  do not exist digitally

All of the content below is provided on a best efforts basis. Some of the weekly editions in the annual files are in a mixed order but are usually readily identifiable by their date. Where specific pages do not exist or are only available in part, this is due to the way the original files were captured onto microfilm (and later digitised). Should you require a page that is missing, we may hold the hard copy of this in our physical CCS archive upon request.

Ongoing funding to enable maintenance and hosting of the digital archive has been very kindly provided to us by Heilderberg Materials  (Hanson Cement),  Ribblesdale

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Press Release on behalf of Clitheroe Civic Society 2/21

 Clitheroe Advertiser and Times Archive project successfully completed

Books need T.L.C.When the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times staff relocated from Clitheroe to Burnley in 2017, they found that the past editions that were held locally and dating back many years were in need of conservation due to deterioration of the bound volumes over time. So much so in fact that there was a risk that this important historical record would be lost. 

The late Pauline Wood, then Chair of Clitheroe Civic Society and others became aware of the issue and immediately recognised that it was vital to maintain this important record of Clitheroe, in Clitheroe and the Society sought to improve the condition of the volumes so that they could be accessed in due course as an important reference source. No other source can quite match newspapers to capture the important and indeed mundane details of everyday life in our town over the years. 

A generous grant was awarded by The Bowland Trust and a taskforce worked tirelessly to assess the condition of the volumes and decide what best to do with those beyond repair.


That led to engaging Peter Doyle, a highly experienced Bookbinder, who has now completed the mammoth task of re-binding 99 volumes dated between 1888 and 1975. Where re-binding has not been possible, editions have been carefully stored in appropriate boxes with the contents clearly labelled. 
The now preserved editions are stored in the Society’s archive above the Town Hall and the volumes will, in due course, recognise the sponsors who also helped to make this project possible. Many of the editions have already been digitised and whilst an on-going job, the first volumes are available as pdfs via the Society’s website (
Many people have been involved in this project and thanks are due as a minimum to – The Bowland Trust, Clitheroe Civic Society members Alan Dixon, Shirley Penman, Andrew Schofield, Steve Burke, Jean Parkinson, Janet Clegg, John Lambert, Barbara Alty, John Rowley, Dorothy Falshaw, Kathleen Duckworth.

Also Thwaites Brewery, Eric Nolan, Burnley Civic Trust and last but not least all of the sponsors who recognised the importance of this project ensuring that this part of Clitheroe’s heritage was saved for posterity and made available to all.