Pinnacle Project Details


The pinnacle is in the former Rose Garden in the Clitheroe Castle Grounds to the south of the Castle. Access is easiest from the town centre end of Woone Lane and up the steps. There are also steps down to the pinnacle through a small opening to the left of the front of the Castle Museum.


The pinnacle was a gift from the then MP, Sir William Brass, in 1937. Quite apart from its heritage as originally being part of the Houses of Parliament, it is integral to the memorial gardens and is dear to the heart of many Clitheronians - as demonstrated by the 6,000 responses to our appeal for support.


The project, which has received Heritage Lottery Funding, replaced internal iron elements that were starting to corrode and split the stone and re-point the whole structure with suitable mortar. This stopped water entering and causing further damage.

We also carryied out historical research into Sir William Brass as well as geological and building research into the use of the stone. This was presented in a project book, released later in 2016.


The project received funding and started on 1st May 2015 led by a small team from the Clitheroe Civic Society. The initial surveys were carried out and the site work took place over August and September 2015. This is now complete and we are delighted with the results.

Further research was conducted into the history surrounding the pinnacle and it inspired a number of arts projects.