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11 April 2021

Spring 2021 journal

Spring 2021 Clitheroe Civic Society Journal has been published

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This is the first edition, Spring 2021, of the Clitheroe Civic Society Journal.  It is absolutely packet with articles, information and many items of general interest.
The officers and committee are most grateful for all those who have submitted articles for publication and we are most grateful for the time and effort put in by our editor, Janet Clegg, who has done an amazing job.

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27 October 2020

In the light of the information and guidance from Clitheroe Town Council this year’s wreath laying, on behalf of the Society, will be undertaken by the Society’s Officers and Shirley Penman. This will take place at 1.00pm on Monday 9th November. Two additional attendees, already nominated, will make up the party of six representing the Society in accordance with the current Government Guidelines. Regrettably, these guidelines do not permit more to attend.

19 June 2020

Honorary Life member Tony Goodbody sadly died in hospital on Sunday 14th June.

27 April 2020

An addition to the Spring newsletter

7 April 2020

From Ribble Valley to Van Diemen's Land

The story of salmon and trout in the southern ocean.

28 March 2020

One of an occasional series of Newsletters to Members to keep you informed on the Society’s activities.

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