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9 April 2018

Arthur Langshaw's Images of Clitheroe

Presented by - John Lambert

Aurther Langshaw was a prolific writer on the history of Clitheroe. From the late 1930's he published a series of books and pamphlets on various aspects of Clitheroe's history.


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8 October 2018

Talk by Rev. Andy Froud, Vicar of Clitheroe St Mary Magdalene’s Church on Dr Webster

3 September 2018

Talk presented by Kevin Illingworth

The talk is preceded by the 2018 AGM

14 May 2018

A talk by Cathy Hopley

9 April 2018

Presented by - John Lambert

12 March 2018

Dr Fiona Edmonds  Lecturer in Regional History - University of Lancaster

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