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2 May 2019

Clitheroer Civic Society Sound Archive

Invitation to carry out interviews and/or being interviewed


The Society is now actively seeking a small group of interested volunteers to conduct interviews. Taking advantage of Andrew Schofield’s experience in this field (Andrew was the last Curator of the North West Sound Archive), he will provide all the necessary information on oral history recording techniques, methodology and the use of the hand held recording machines. It is surprising how relatively easy it is to make these recordings - and how enjoyable undertaking interviews can be.

 We are aiming to have a ‘panel’ of four - six interviewers in total. Once we have received sufficient expressions of interest a short introduction, to be held at a time and place to suit all, will be given by Andrew Schofield .

This will enable recordings to be made ‘in the field’ at a place to suit the interviewee.


At this point in time there are no specific categories or priorities for stories and reminiscences that we would like to record, though these may well develop in the future. Simply anyone who would like to share - and record for posterity - stories of their life or particular experiences will be able and encouraged to do so.

Additionally, Members and Interviewers are invited to make suggestions for people who they consider would be worth contacting - and who they consider may have an interesting story to tell and be recorded for future information. Andrew, and any of the Society Officers listed below, look forward to hearing from you with your suggestions

 Those interested in becoming an interviewer or sharing their stories should contact Andrew - or any one of the Society’s Officers listed below - in order to register their interest in this latest initiative of the Society.

 In addition to this Statement there will also be a Press Release promoting participation in - and support for – this latest initiative of the Society.

Chairman: Steve Burke 6 Claremont Avenue, Clitheroe, BB7 1JN. 01200 425528

Treasurer: Barbara Alty Shaw Cottage Shawbridge St Clitheroe BB7 1LZ 01200 429359

Secretary: Michael Parkinson Beechcroft, Back Commons, Clitheroe, 01200 422660 rmparky@gmail.comSound Archivist:

Andrew Schofield Tel 01200 427768 or 0776 2522 051

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15 June 2019

‘Historic Lancaster’

Lancashire Local History Federation

‘At Home’ with Lancaster Archaeological and Historical Society

Saturday 15 June 2019

9.30-c.4.15 Quaker Meeting House, Lancaster (adjacent to station)

27 May 2019

Do you have, or admire, a Lancashire accent?  Did your parents say words that you don't hear anymore?  We are creating a dialect reading group that will progress into a dialect writing group for people who live around Pendle Hill.  

But first anyone can join us for an entertaining hour and a half with Jennifer Reid, the Broadside Balladress, finding out more about the Lancashire dialect and the man who inspired the creation of a group dedicated to preserving, reading and writing that dialect - Paul Graney. ac130cf6617d/invite-lancs- dialect-3277045?e=38ca9c0f4a

5 April 2019


Dr Fiona Edmunds of Lancaster University, who spoke to us last year about the Celts & Scandinavians  in Bowland, is running a course at Whalley Abbey  on 5th April.

3 April 2019

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4 February 2019

'Remembering Whalley is the first book written by local historian, Paddy Brown. Coinciding with the 100 year anniversary since the signing of the Armistice that marked end of WW1 - this limited edition publication features several never-seen-before images of the village. 
Offering readers an insight into the history of well-known village locations, several pages are devoted to the history of Queen Mary's Military Hospital (now Calderstones).
Priced at £25 - with each of the 200 copies individually numbered - all proceeds from the book will be donated to the Royal British Legion. 
For more information and to purchase a copy, please contact Paddy directly at: or 07794 611 102'

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