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Monday 31 August - 12:13 PM to 9:53 am

Agenda 2020 AGM

Agenda for AGM to be held via Zoom 7th September 2020

Annual General Meeting 2020 Agend

Due to current Covid Regulations on Public Meetings the meeting to be held ‘virtually’ using Zoom Conferencing’

This is the final notice to members to attend the Annual General Meeting of Clitheroe Civic Society on 7th September 2020
1. Present: To be recorded in the Meeting Register
Those present will be as recorded from the recording of the ‘Zoom Conference’

2. Apologies
Apologies received prior to the AGM will be recorded

3. The minutes of the AGM 2019*
3.1 Approval
3.2 Maters Arising

4. Chairman’s Report*
4.1 Queries or comments

5. Treasurer’s Report*
5.1 Queries or comments on report
5.2 Approval of Accounts for year end
5.3 Approval of Subscriptions for next year

6. Amendments to Constitution
6.1 Clause 4. Proposed Amendment to Clause 4: Subscriptions shall run from the 1st of August to 31st July. The amount to be decided each year at the May Meeting of the Society and payment to become due at the Annual General Meeting.
6.2 Proposed addition to Clause 7. Clause 7 (ii): Members of the Committee are expected to attend each of the 6 meetings held annually. Prior notice should be given in respect of any absence. Failure to attend at least 50% of the meetings in any membership year may, at the discretion of the committee, be grounds for removal from the Committee.

7. Election of officers and committee members (by members only)
Election of Officers. Approval sought as a single motion for: re-election of Steve Burke as Chairman and Barbara Alty as Treasurer and the election of John Spencer to replace Michael Parkinson, who stands down this year, as Secretary. NB. No other nominations received for these Offices.

8.0 Any Other Business

Following the AGM it is proposed that the first of our illustrated presentations of the 2020-21 cycle of Public Talks will be made by John Lambert, entitled ‘The Road to Upbrooks’.
Steve Burke
Clitheroe Civic Society
7th August 2020
* indicates support documents attached to be issued by 4th Sept.

Chairman: Steve Burke, 6 Claremont Avenue, Clitheroe, BB7 1JN. 01200 425528
Treasurer: Barbara Alty, Shaw Cottage Shawbridge St Clitheroe BB7 1LZ 01200 42935
Secretary: Michael Parkinson, Beechcroft, Back Commons, BB7 4DX Clitheroe, 01200 422660

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Monday 31 August 2020

Agenda for AGM to be held via Zoom 7th September 2020

Monday 02 September 2019

2019 AGM at 7.00



Monday 03 June 2019

Draft General Committee Meeting  Agenda: 19.06.03

Date: 7.00pm Monday 3rd June 2019,

Location: The New Inn, Parson Lane

Monday 04 September 2017

AGM at 7.00 pm  followed by   

Charles Stanton - New uses for Historic Buildings

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Draft Agenda for General Committee Meeting